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The JavaMan

An conversation with Bruno Souza, the "The JavaMan", about: hello world on CPM machines without GitHub, TRS-80 vs. ZX Spectrum, Basic, Clipper, scientific Prolog work, C, copying assembler from magazines, lonely hacking, programming is the ability to creating things, no use for second disc drive, prolog application for cloud pattern recognition and cloud removal, cool Sun machines, AI for free, Sparc Station 10, back to work, work over university, John Gage and the first demonstration of Java, HotJava, OAK, Banco do Brasil was an early Java adopter in 1996, Fabiane Nardon, income tax and border control Java desktop applications, Java Ring, Java Card, Sun Java Studio, Sun Java Workshop, JBuilder, NetBeans, early JavaONEs, John Gage and "We are all Brasilians", Java source answers all questions, Richard Stallman visits Brasil, in 1998 Netscape browser was opensourced, , Open Sources 2.0: The Continuing Evolution, Brasilian Government gains independence with Java, Software Livre, Kaffee JVM, Patrick Curran, Simon Phipps, The People Who Brought You FOSS Java, Dalibor Topic, @@robilad, Geir Magnusson, Apache Harmony,, you can't be just technical, inability to tell the vision, Summa Technologies, CodeONE and speaker's secrets,, Best Developer Job Ever, Bruno on twitter:@brjavaman.

SUN, JavaSoft, Java, Oracle

An conversation with Scott McNealy (@scottmcnealy), co-founder of Sun Microsystems, about: how Vinod Khosla, Bill Joy, Andy Bechtolsheim and Scott started Stanford University Network (SUN), Onyx Systems and Pizza Boxes for 40k USD, Sun opensourced 80% of its R & D budget, Sun was top 40 R & D spenders, opensource lowers the barrier to exit, IBM buying RedHat, Sun was the first company in 1982 shipping with TCP/IP, Scott was smart and the other founders were brilliant, Bill Joy wanted to open NFS or "what is a phone worth which doesn't connect with other phones", Java Ring was on the cover of Fortune Magazine, Network is the Computer, Java was the greatest marketing efforts ever, missing the router hype was the earliest mistake at Sun, the beginnings of JavaSoft, Bill Joy wanted to work with James Gosling, Java was invented to build a "clicker", Netscape, Java, JavaScript, LiveScript, JavaSoft was loosely coupled and highly aligned business unit, Java went with Netscape viral, being nervous and unprepared as speaker - people would like to hear what do you think as a speaker, "you don't have privacy, get over it", Steve Jobs at JavaOne, Andy Bechtolsheim was the "industrial" Steve Jobs, Sun was having fun without offending somebody, John Gage - the Chief Science "Fiction" officer and the perfect MC for Java, 130 dollars for 3rd grade text book -- the beginnings of curriki, global community of opensourcing education, curriki is a wildly successful startup, Scott is chairman of and still spends a lot of time with curriki, corporate capitalism - private charity or Seperation of Concerns, the job of a chairman, Larry Ellison and Scott, Scott met Larry on the airplane in early eighties -- and Larry gave Scott a shaver, behind the scenes of Sun's acquisition, Wayin -- the new project, Scott at twitter: @scottmcnealy.

IoT, Clouds, Java EE and MicroProfile

A conversation with Tobias N. Sasse (@tnsasse) about: ToDo applications with Visual Basic, Delphi, Turbo Pascal, Java in Spain, Cookbook about Java with Object Oriented Hamburgers, reading data from DB 2 to Hadoop, DB2 rocks, workshops, WebSphere Libery, OpenLiberty and Microservices, Right-Sized services, stupid microservices or reasonable software practices, the interview: "10.000 Thin WAR deployment cycles or IoT with pure Java EE at IBM", IBM Elderly Care, applying smart home devices to help elderly people, Cognitive Eldercare, streaming data with Java EE 7, Java EE 8 and MicroProfile, Watson IoT Platform, MQTT Broker, caching home hub or base station, Quality of Service with MQTT -- Deliver Once, why the WARs are 5 MB big, 10 microservices and their names, Boundary Control Entity (BCE) or API, Service and Model, without BCE you don't have to focus on business, 5 developers with 10 WARs, why youngsters love Java EE, using Java EE without thinking about it, boring Java EE without "best of breed", teasing Java EE to youngsters, hack zurich, JavaScript looks more like Java, the browser is the JVM, architects damaging the developer experience, from cloudfoundry to kubernetes, 10k deployments, few seconds for Thin WAR deployment, lightning Maven builds, OpenLiberty on Docklands, OpenLiberty: modularity without incovenience, mixing MicroProfile with Java EE 8, MicroProfile: the incubator to Java EE, Java EE as the based layer, OpenLiberty: buying support is optional, the days of factories, interfaces and crazy patters are over, no Impls, focussing on the business problem, inspiring, conference, Tobias at Linked-in and twitter: @tnsasse.

Road To AR, VR, MR and XR

A conversation with Josh Marinacci, (@joshmarinacci) about the first Java class, 1995 and early Java, Ian Smith, building ray tracers with JDK 1.0, why Sun had great programmers, speed vs. safety, Snow Crash without cell phones, metaverse scalability, 3d interface with Swing and Mozilla with hubs, project wonderland and open wonderland, windows look and feel with Swing, Amy Fowler, Jeff Dickins from Swing Team, Window native controls look with Swing, progress bar is the hardest thing, Matisse GUI builder, JSR-296, Swing Application Framework, JSR-295 beans binding, smartphones killed Swing, Java FX as flash competitor, Tesla car configurator with Swing, f3 and Chris Oliver, Java Store before Mac Store, Palm and WebOS, WebOS built-in Java, why HP cancelled WebOS, LG WebOS, Awesome Box 5000 widgets, point and shoot camera with Android at Nokia research, high websockets scalability with pubnub, block functions and edge computing, VR, AR, mixed reality at mozilla, MDN -- the JS JCP, JavaScript like Java, JavaScript -- no batteries included, anonymous inner classes in JS, AR, VR, MR, XR, the XR-spec with security backed in, WebXR Device API:, VRML and GLTF, USDZ, Firefox refactoring, servo and rust, lightspeed adoption of CSS grid, trying VR now, Firefox reality , browsing 2d in 3d, a call for VR activities, themed multi-user virtual places: Mozilla Hubs, be social, have fun, in 3D, three.js and a-frame for content creation, amazon sumerian, web assembly -- the XR accelarator, web assembly and asm, browser as VM, contact josh:, mail:

Java, Caching and How the Information Flows

A conversation with Cameron Purdy, (@cpurdy) about: graphics programming, Wolfenstein, peek and pokes, programming in one sitting, structured programming and Pascal, no go sub, just go to, thoughts on Java, forming Tangosol in 2000, developers don't have budgets, J2EE scalability problems, TCMP, TCPM TCMP at XKCD, unlimited connections via UDP and early Java, Tangosol and Oracle coherence, distributed caching, learning on the job, dying servers, messaging and message order, blockchain and distributed caching, consistent caching, merkle tree, shrinking data domains, partition assignment strategies, partitioning and sharding, JINI and JavaSpaces, JGroups and Bela Ban, GigaSpaces, job scheduling, resource leasing, "Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe" [Albert Einstein], survivor bias, usability optimizations, focus on application specific challenges, searching for exponential impact, having fun in team, attracting good engineers, daily improvements, the progress experience, avoid being noticed, fixing everything, the CAP truism, a different take on consistency, Java is not a concurrent language, there is no concept of "now", guaranteed order is the expensive part, consistency is the sideeffect of order, information is flowing, former Senior Vice President of Java Development still likes hacking, Cameron's new startup, @cpurdy.

Microsoft, OpenSource, Java

A conversation with Bruno Borges about: staring the a Java career, Outbound Product Management at Oracle, Java EE Evangelism at Oracle, Oracle at Docker, JSPs as template, to young for JDK 1.0 :-), Brazil and Java, why Java is so popular in Brazil?, the idea for opensourcing Java, special thanks to Bruno Souza, Microsoft like Sun Microsystems, Microsoft as Java advocate, Azure, Jenkins on Azure, clouds, opensource technologies and vendor lock in, why trust rules, Microsoft joins Jakarta EE, Jakarta EE has to be successful on Azure, shipping WARs as productivce Function as a Service (FaaS), normalizing Jakarta EE for serverless environments, MicroProfile and serverless, boring Java EE, what is lacking in Java EE, Java EE marketing problems, Jakarta EE + MicroProfile and magic happens, no-bandwidth deployments with Jakarta EE, saving money with Jakarta EE in the clouds, Docker and Jakarta EE, Docker layering and inheritance, Maven Build with Docker Build under 3 secs, as foundation for docker images, use cases for FatJars and UeberJars are hard to find, Docker images as ultimate EARs, no dependencies, no plugins with Java EE, deleting stuff as a service, having a zero-dependency mindset, simple systems will become complex, postponing complexity by deleting stuff, the beauty of Java EE platform, Bruno's next mission at Microsoft, Azure Java Functions, Azure App Service, Jakarta EE runtimes at Azure Cloud, Microsoft TomEE, OpenLiberty, Payara at Azure evaluations, pushing MicroProfile applications to Azure Cloud, MicroProfile Configuration Provider for Azure, Bruno can be contacted via: (please no spam), Bruno at LinkedIn and twitter: @brunoborges

Boring Enterprise Java

A conversation with Elder Moraes (@elderjava) about Java EE at JavaONE, why Java EE at all, enjoying boring stuff, Java EE for pet projects, thinking freely about business problems, no distractions, servlets and JSPs, Java as career choice, Jakarta EE opinions, Oracle's Java EE stewardship, Java EE 8 being late, Jakarta EE should remain boring, Jakarta EE and profiles, an idea for a Jakarta EE profile creation process, Eclipse Foundation and agility, the pace of MicroProfile, thoughts on Cloud Native, Java EE in Cloud Native environments, Sebastian Daschner and successful Java EE careers, Java EE impact on startups, ES 6, TypeScript, thoughts on serverless, future of Jakarta EE, JVM overhead and microservices, GraalVM and Nashorn, JavaONE vs Oracle Code, Java EE 8 recipes in the Java EE 8 Cookbook. Checkout:, Elder Moraes and @elderjava.

From Java EE over EE4j to Jakarta EE

A conversation with Mike Milinkovich @mmilinkov, about Cobol, APL, Smalltalk, Visual Age for Java, WebGain, TopLink, "The Object People". Canadians run the Java World, Eclipse, plugins and OSGi, pragmatic modularization, the First Executive Eclipse Director, Mark's Cavage role in opensourcing Java EE ee4j name confusion, the Jakarta EE brand and logo, the migration from Java EE to Jakarta EE, why it is not possible to rename ee4j to Jakarta EE, working 50% on Jakarta EE, working with Oracle lawyers, why not all JSR specs can not be contributed by Oracle, dealing with old specifications, how to contribute to Jakarta EE project, how to become a Jakarta EE committer, the difference between Eclipse Foundation agreements and other foundations, becoming an Eclipse member, becoming a member steering committee, hacking the Jakarta EE process by becoming a member without paying money, the Jakarta EE release cadence, different cadences between ee4j and Jakarta EE, who decides what at Jakarta EE / Eclipse, specs become opensource projects, committer based merocracy, how to start a new Jakarta EE subproject, Jakarta EE is "code first", Microsoft joins Jakarta EE, the dangers of profiles, no politics, the specification Jakarta EE committee decides about profiles.

From JSF and PrimeFaces to WebComponents

A conversation with Cagatay Civici (@cagataycivici) about starting with Java, interfaces and return statements, IBM RAD JSF, Sun JSF Woodstock, Apache MyFaces, Apache MyFaces Tomahawk, JSF Chart Creator, Apache MyFaces Tobago, Oracle's ADF, YUI, jQuery and JSF, the non-dependency mindset, building complex UI components, Jakarta EE and microprofile, a scientific approach to design, choosing colors and color palletes, ideas for themes, standards and PrimeFaces, keeping up with Angular, React and WebComponents, StencilJS, PrimeFaces NG, an opensource model with commercial support, why "Prime", component sponsorship, performance under pressure and PrimeTek.

MicroProfile -- Past, Present and Future

A conversation with @emilyfhjiang about reducing the footprint with OpenLiberty, OSGi, Apache Aries Apache Aries, the beginnings of, OpenLiberty MicroProfile implementation, writing MicroProfile specs, combining Java EE 8 and, the added value of Fault Tolerance, Health, Metrics, Configuration, the process of introducing new APIs to MicroProfile, MicroProfile at GitHub, Java EE Concurrency Utilities and MicroProfile, OpenLiberty Guides, commercial support for OpenLiberty and MicroProfile by IBM, Reactive Microprofile, the relation between Jakarta EE and MicroProfile, MicroProfile standardisation.

51st [audio]

Answers for the Java EE, Java SE, HTML 5 and JavaScript questions from my blog:,,, IRC #airhacks and "from the streets". This time we are covering: "Versioning, tagging, branching, automation, CI/CD, autodeployment in production, JAX-RS and file upload, MVC 1.0 vs. servlets and JSPs, Primefaces as module, @Singleton vs. @ApplicationScoped vs. @RequestScoped and JAX-RS, centralized logging, logging vs. metrics and the future of webassembly": See you at:

WildFly and JBoss

A conversation with Jason Greene @jtgreene about HotJava on Sparc, increasing productivity, Tomcat, OrionServer, JBoss, Jigsaw W3C's Server, JavaServer Web Development Kit, flat network assumptions, SOAP and XML vs. IIOP, grpc, thrift, DTO bloat, Infinispan, Marc Fleury, POJO Cache, JBoss Cache, caching and concurrency, clustering, JBoss/WildFly clustering under the hood, using Infinispan as JMS provider, WildFly 13 provisioning infrastructure, WildFly as a platform, pruning CORBA, the danger of profiles, dying SOAP, WildFly 12 and Java EE 8, Hibernate 6 query optimization, quarterly WildFly releases, EAP release cadence, community enterprise and supported WildFly, EAP for developers, Java EE productivity and the declarative model, Java EE concurrency model, WildFly's killer features, undertow and wildfly.

JVM Innovation with Graal

A conversation with @JaroslavTulach about the beginnings of NetBeans, xelphi, JavaDoc, Glasgow, JavaBeans for the network, LimeTree, mounting jars, deals with Jonathan Schwartz, Bck2Brws (Back To Browser), Duke Script, Multi OS Engine, JavaFX, Java to JavaScript transpiler, Typescript, Frameworks, GraalVM, Project Maxwell , Maxine VM, C2 compiler, IGV, nashorn and performance, Graal and Twitter, JEP metropolis, Graal speedup, the most complex statement, speculative interpreters, talk to your compiler, Truffle, SubstrateVM, avatar.js, node.js on JVM, Graal Installation, language interop

48th [audio]

Answers for the Java EE, Java SE, HTML 5 and JavaScript questions from my blog:,,, IRC #airhacks and "from the streets". This time we are covering: JSON-B and hierarchical mapping, Groovy and Jenkins pipelines, CQRS, 40k with (deprecated) JSF, EJB TX, JSON-B, Java EE migrations and I'm performing live a code review / refactoring. Also see:

Mobile Java

A conversation with Johan Vos about Sting at Java One, Blackdown Java, dream teams, Bill Joy, Java in science, telematics, OSGi, JavaFX, wild pigs, oktoberfest, social Java DaliCore, reactive JavaFX, Sun Grid, clouds, Java EE in science, Gluon, JavaFX on Mobile, openJDK 9 on iOS, Android and the future of JavaFX

JavaONE 2017

JavaONE 2017 keynote, FN, Java 9, serverless Java, Java EE 8, EE4J, Microprofile